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What made other bloggers millionaires

1. Large amount of contents, sometimes 1000 posts per day. Many of those posts go viral as a result.

2. They write about popular trends

Their team target topics related to popular trends and news. This gives their content a viral edge and increases their chances of getting more traffic.

3. They write about almost everything

Which covers a very wide array of topics, and as a result, they get a very large amount of traffic. Their team is spread around the world and so they generate posts that are related to important events around the world.

4. Focusing on what works

They analyzes the content that worked then start to produce more of it. The team is always measuring what works and making different experiments.

5. It started early

Some started in 2005 when the INTERNET was less crowded. This was another factor that helped them succeed.

6. Some of these bloggers are already celebrities

Some of these bloggers are already celebrities. So it doesn’t take them much effort to get the traffic and followers.

7. Allowing bloggers to write for them

Allows bloggers to write for them has helped their content grow. This strategy helped them generate a massive number of posts.

8. Powerful SEO strategy

They have a massive amount of traffic from search engines. Their powerful SEO strategy has helped them get a large number of visitors through search engines.

9. Focusing on opinion

Most articles focus highly on opinion therefore, have wide range of sharing.

10. Engineering the right content

Engineers do experiments all the time to find out what type of content works. This strategy has resulted in massive traffic.

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