What is business manager in Facebook?

How many times have you found yourself in a trouble or have felt your privacy being intruded because your co-workers and you manage your business’s Facebook pages from your personal ID? We are sure that your answer would be in a considerably large number. Letting people see your messages and being able to share whatever they can from your ID is surely a risk. What if your partner turns out a blackmailer instead and logs you out of everything once the business has been established?

Now that we have caused enough fear and you have started to think about who can possibly turn out a rebel among everyone who manage your page, it is best that you start running your online business’s pages via something that does not let anyone see your chat box arguments with your wife or your secret plans with your friends.

If you ask us, there is nothing better than Facebook business manager for running your businesses online without tying the pages to a specific personal account. This means you are free to do whatever you want to do with your personal Facebook ID and can easily have more than one page managers without being obliged to share your passwords. Even when we all come across a variety of Facebook business pages each time we scroll the feed and spend a hefty amount of money shopping online only to be left with zero account balance at the end of each month, many among us still don’t know how those pages work. It is true that people don’t have the minutest idea of what is business manager in Facebook and if you are one among such people, you have landed at the right place. This article will not only introduce to a Facebook business manager but will also guide you on starting with it and the benefits you can get from your Facebook business manager:

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What is business manager Facebook?

Well being honest, Facebook could not advertise this feature comprehensively and this explains why many don’t know about it at all. Even starting to work with a Facebook business manager could be a hectic task with a lot of confusions. To make the idea of this tool simpler for you, lets break it down into individual concepts.

Facebook business pages are usually run by a team and not by an individual but the account associated to a page is just one. This means that one person’s account has to logged in by all the page managers to run the page but comes at the expense of that person and his account losing its privacy that is something none of us would agree to, especially in the modern times with the cyber monsters all active.

Facebook came up with a solution to this privacy intrusion issue by introducing their business manager that allows multiple managers to run a page without needing them to login to the page creators account of even adding that account as a friend on Facebook. This manager also makes it easier to manage multiple pages without creating multiple accounts and has following other main features:

  • This account lets you keep your personal account and your business page separate so that you don’t mistakenly post cute dogs videos on your Facebook page selling clothing items.
  • It gives you a detailed control and report on how your advertisements and posts are doing and what is their reach etc.
  • It makes it easier for you to let digital marketing agents manage your pages without them taking away your rights to the pages and businesses.
  • You can share your Facebook business pages’ activities via your other social media accounts easily.

These were just the glimpses on what a Facebook business manager has to offer. In order to know more about this amazing tool, you must use it yourself and for that you must know how to create a business manager account in Facebook. Well, there is no need to worry even if you don’t know that since below is the simplest possible guide for making an account for Facebook business manager.

Creating your first Facebook business manager account

Here are the steps to follow in an appropriate order to create and setup your business account. Make sure to have a personal Facebook ID before you start:

  1. Go to business.Facebook.com
  2. On the top right corner, click the ‘Create Account’ option that is in light bluish button like form
  3. A white form like page will appear for you to add your business’s name, your name and your business’s email
  4. Once you fill this up and move next, you will be asked to give other necessary details about your business like the phone number, address, country, and its website
  5. After this, go to your email to confirm your Facebook business account
  6. Now that your Facebook business account has been created, it is the time to add your business page  
  7. On the dashboard select add page option and carefully type the correct name of your Facebook page to add them. You can add multiple pages too
  8. Now either create a new ad account or use of previous ad account to attach to your business page. This marks the completion of your business’s page creation under the Facebook business manager.
  9. Once done, add all those who you want to help you in managing your business’s page. Select the level of control you want to give them and you are all done.

It is also pertinent to note that, even when we have previously kind of rejected Facebook’s ways of marketing this tool and making it understandable for the people, we surely want you to know that creating the business manager account and pages is not a hard task at all. In fact, Facebook guides you throughout so that you don’t get stuck.

Now that you know enough, it is best that you start on with your business account right away. Don’t worry about things going wrong. It is almost impossible that things could go extremely wrong and you end up losing something. Brace yourselves and get ready to take your business management game to a whole new level right now.

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