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Want to Network With Entrepreneurs? Here Are 4 Ways to Do So!

Business owners are busy people. They’re also a stressful bunch.

You see, starting a business is difficult. And keeping one alive requires commitment (which is just as difficult).

So it’s hard to get the attention of an entrepreneur. Even more, it’s hard to make them interested in you.

But no worries. Below, we’ll show you how to approach one!

First – Have Constructive Intentions.

Why would a business owner want to spend time with you?

Do you offer something to their enterprise? Is there a skillset you can contribute that would make them money?

Or, do you have an idea that would benefit the business owner?

What’s in it For Them?

You need to approach an entrepreneur with a “win-win” mindset.

Don’t expect them to share their knowledge and tips without a benefit. Nor should you expect freebies on demand.

And this leads us to the next point…

Second – Offer Your Time.

If you want a business owner’s wisdom, offer your labor in exchange.

You can work for them. You can take up a job as their assistant, secretary, of errand-person.

And you don’t need a good paycheck either. You can sacrifice some of that for the chance to see a successful entrepreneur in action.

You can learn from their character, behavior, and how they manage and run their affairs daily!

It’ll Make an Impression on You.

Being around a business owner teaches you a lot.

What you learn helps you start your own business. You can use those owners as a model of how to approach your projects.

You’ll know how serious to take each job. You’ll also understand the time/effort required to make a business successful.

Third – Know Where to Find One.

You won’t find a business owner in a college hallway. Nor will you find them spending their days at a café…

You often need a “productive environment” to find one. And those’ll include…

  • Mastermind groups.
  • Seminars.
  • Getting interviewed at a small business.

Mastermind groups are ones you can join for a fee. But they tend to be exclusive clubs (which aren’t for low-business experienced individuals).

You’re more likely options are finding a seminar. You’ll often need to travel for those.

But at a seminar, you won’t just find one business owner. You’ll find multiples, and you can network together!

Fourth – Network Online.

Business owners exist online too. And you don’t need to meet face-to-face to know each other.

Just research them online. Find their blogs, or talk to them through email.

They’re more likely to give you the responses you need per question. They’ll even give you lengthy responses if your questions warrant them!

Here’s a Final Option…

If you can’t network with a business owner – then you can always follow one.

Some entrepreneurs offer their experiences for free. And they do so out of the sheer joy of educating others.

They’re all over the place. A quick YouTube/Google search should net you a set.

From there, it’s a matter of getting to know their routines and lifestyle!

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