If you are a business person or entrepreneur you are always looking for great apps that helps to streamline your business. Here is a look at some useful apps that can help you achieve all of your goals.


Quickbooks is an accounting app for small and moderately sized business that makes managing the financial aspect of your business simpler and easier. With Quickbooks you can invoice customers and sent out custom reminders for payments that are due. Quickbooks also snaps photos of receipts, and allows for direct deposits into your bank.


Freshbooks is another accounting app and a great alternative to quickbooks. This app allows you to create invoices, receive payments online, and capture photos of expense receipts.

Freshbooks also allows you to make professional looking invoices complete with your company’s logo. Using this app you can accept credit cards and create estimates and quotes among it’s many functions.


Asana is an app designed to help business improve their team’s productivity and effectiveness by helping to organize different teams working on various projects. This app will allow you to keep track of your projects from start to finish.

You can use this app to plan out your project (and even make changes in plans when necessary.) You can use it to manage your workflow, Set specific tasks and deadlines and keep track off how the work on the project is progressing step by step.


Slack is another app that allows you to get the most out of your team’s projects. This app allows you to organize work and schedule tasks. It also allows you to organize communication with members of your team by specific topics, projects or other criteria.

You can use this app to message or call any person or group of your team. You can also share documents, search a central knowledge bases, check on past conversations, and customize your notifications as well as keep track of the progress of various tasks.


Docusign provides a fast, simple, and secure way to electronically sign documents and collect the signatures of others. This app allows you to create your signature and initial by using a stylus, your finger, uploading a picture of your signature or by selecting pre-formatted styles

This app also allows you to add texts to your documents. It also supports in-person and remote signing options and shows signers exactly where to sign.


Expensify is a financial and accounting app that is designed for larger companies that may have more complex requirements than that experienced by smaller businesses.

This app offers such features as technology integration, optical character recognition, A high quality workflow system and automated expense tracking.

Expensify has several versions with their Corporate control version adds advance policy enforcement, Corporate card reconciliation and customizable multi-stage approval workflow as well as month to month billing and more.

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