Top 5 Business Opportunities in Canada for 2020

Top 5 Business Opportunities in Canada (for 2020).

Canada is an expensive country. And starting a business there requires a large capital.

Plus, you have many logistics to manage. There’s the accounting, marketing, and dealing with regulatory agencies!

Make it Easier on Yourself.

When picking a business model, go for something that’s cheap.

You don’t want 5-digit startup costs. And if possible, you should do most of that business’ tasks yourself.

Below are 5 options that fit those requirements. Explore each, and pick what suits you best!

#1 – Cleaning/Housekeeping.

You don’t need a store to housekeep. You simply need a small team, and equipment.

Speaking of equipment, that’s the only cost you need to get started!

Everything from there is a matter of skill. You need to have good object organization and cleaning skills!

#2 – E-Commerce.

Maybe cleaning and organizing aren’t your strong suits. If so, you can try setting up an online store!

You can try the dropshipping business model (using platforms like Shopify)! Amazon FBA is WAY better though.

Here, your startup costs are minimal. You simply need money for the domain, content manager, and website design.

And assuming you hire a web designer – this shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars.

What Retail About Capital?

As a dropshipping business, you do no storage on your behalf. You simply mediate warehouses with end consumers (through your store).

You can basically buy as much stock as demand exists. And you never have to worry about excess supply!

#3 – Pet Care.

If you live alone (or with a tolerant roommate), you can use your time to sell pet care services.

What That Involves.

Some pet owners are busy. They’re either at work for too long, or they’re travelling often.

Yet, they have cherished pets that need care. And if you have the necessary skills, you can take those pets in at a fee!

Important Note.

This isn’t a job for everyone.

While it does sound easy, there’s a lot that goes into pet maintenance. Plus, if you’re turning this into a business, then it’ll be exhausting.

You’ll be hosting more than one pet. And you’ll have a small zoo to keep track of!

#4 – Device Repair.

Are you skilled with electronics? Are you good at assembling and disassembling gadgets?

If so, you can repair electronics for others. And here, you don’t need to setup a physical shop or a location!

What Can I Repair?

You can repair everything from computers and mobiles, to televisions and house appliances.

Basically, pick the most popular items that people use.

Those items require affordable repair at some point, and you can fulfill that demand!

#5 – Web Design.

You might need education to approach web design. But it’s an excellent business opportunity.

Few businesses can invest time into designing their own websites. And those who have websites need frequent design upgrades.

As a designer, you fulfill that demand. You take over the role of planning each page, setting up the aesthetics, and guiding client choices.

It’s a lucrative career choice. Plus, you aren’t selling any physical products. You’re selling soft skills, so there’s no startup capital!

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