Top 4 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

Top 4 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

Want to be your own boss? Want to grow a business that’s yours?

If so, keep reading.

Because there’s no better self-employment channel than the internet. And we’ll prove that to you below!

We’ll explore 4 reliable ways to make money online.

Those methods aren’t get-rich-quick schemes. Nor are they instant sources of secure work. Success there takes time and commitment.

So assuming you’re putting both in, the first would be…

#1 – Dropshipping.

It’s an online retail business model, but with a few perks.

First, you don’t need to own the product. You simply act as a mediator (and marketer).

The Process.

As a dropshipping business, you set up an online store (with a checkout system, etc.).

Next, you pick a product(s) while contacting a suppliers’ warehouse. You offer to mediate between them and retail customers.

You only take items from supplier warehouses per order. So you don’t need a large product capital to get started!

Also, you don’t need capital for a brick and mortar structure. After all, your entire retail model is online!

So it’s a cheap form of retail. And you don’t need technical skills either. You simply take care of the logistics, setup up shop, and start marketing!

But, assuming you have skills to sell, you can try…

#2 – Freelancing.

As a freelancer, you sell skills that can be done at a desk (and on a laptop).

Those include graphic design. If you have artistic skills (and are good with shapes and colors), that’s a domain to explore.

Or, maybe your skills are language-based. You can work as a translator, ghost writer, or book editor!

Some Platforms to Try.

You’ll find millions of willing buyers on each platform.

Other Skills to Sell.

You can sell programming services.

Programmers are in high demand, and many companies explore freelancers since they’re more affordable.

Alternatively, you can sell a fine skill that isn’t too “logical.

For example, if you have musical abilities, you can edit audio files. You can even edit video files!

And speaking of music/audio…

#3 – Sell Music.

You can create and sell an album on platforms like Sound Cloud (source).

It’s a lucrative career, and everyone aspires to be a musician. However, note that it’s a very competitive niche.

The extreme majority of online musical products don’t get heard. And it’s often a struggle to find your voice an audience.

Thus, we recommend approaching this as a “side hustle.” Because it’ll take you years before your musical love comes to fruition!

#4 – Affiliate Marketing.

It’s the last item on our list – and it’s one of the most hyped.

As an affiliate marketer, you sell other company’s products by distributing their links. And you get a fee per successful purchase.

And there are many ways to do so…

You can start your own website, write content – and then review and sell affiliate products.

Or, you can become a content creator and have companies sponsor you. You can then recommend their products for a fee!


While success as an affiliate marketing isn’t difficult – it takes time.

You need to develop a popular online brand with a good following. Because if you don’t have a following, you’ll have no one to market to!

So just like the previous option, consider this a side hustle!

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