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The Guide to Digital Marketing: Basics You Should Know

The Guide to Digital Marketing: Basics You Should Know

Are you expanding your business online? Or maybe you plan on a digital marketing career?

If so, you need to know what you’re getting into. Digital marketing is a complex world, and it’s full of competition.

Below, we’ll help you with that. We’ll breakdown the different components of digital marketing!

First – Digital Marketing Goals.

Any business tries to maximize its client base. And digital marketing does so in THREE ways, those being…

  • Improving your brand image.
  • Allowing online transactions.
  • Getting you a large pool of clients.

Let’s start with branding…

Digital Marketing for Branding.

You can use the internet to develop a set of popularity metrics.

Your metrics are saved online. They’re visible on your website, social media profiles, and online content.

The best part is, you can constantly develop them. Your metrics are work in-progress, and they stack over time.

How to Develop an Online Brand.

You can design a social media page for your business.

Take Facebook and Instagram as examples. You can develop content and a follower count on each of those mediums.

The greater your followers (and the more likes you have), the better your brand image.

You can also accomplish that with a website. You can customize your site with images of yourself, business, and accomplishments.

Digital Marketing for Online Transactions.

Let’s say you run a brick and mortar store.

Your clients are purely local. They’re individuals within a few blocks, or – they’re buyers within your city limits.

With the internet, you change that. You can set up an online checkout system, letting others buy from a distance!

Digital Marketing for a Large Pool of Clients.

Guess what?

Your customers spend over 6 hours on the internet each day (source). And if you want their attention, that’s where you should be.

Also – More Effective than Offline Marketing.

Digital marketing is cheap.

You can target your customers on social media platforms, through email, and through search results.

Some social media platforms (like Facebook), let you send advertisements based on demographics (source).

Their system lets you target customers by…

  • Age.
  • Sex.
  • Job and Education.
  • Address.

Plus, you have millions of potentials to fish from. You’ll feel less strained – especially since you can sell internationally!

Online Advertising.

There are many ad channels you can use to drive online sales.

You can buy Google ads. You can pay for space in search results, where each click directs customers back to your online store.

Or, you can pay online content creators to market your product. They’ll review it, while linking back to your store!

All You Need is a Website.

You need a safe domain (that’s hack resistant) for customers to submit their purchase data.

From there, you can set up a system, letting customers pay with their credit/debit cards to your bank account!

In Summation.

There’s a lot more to digital marketing than what we previously mentioned. But consider the previous list a set of basic.

Regardless, you need digital marketing to survive as a business. It’ll make launching your business easy, and staying afloat a non-existent problem!

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