Secret Automation Tools For Entrepreneurs

Secret Automation Tools For Entrepreneurs

There is no doubt that automation is here to stay. In fact, it is seen by many as the future of many industries with the deployment of machine learning and artificial intelligence even in sectors such as banking and insurance. Countless businesses from many other arenas are making a move toward automation.

As an entrepreneur, you can benefit from what automation has to offer. It can minimize the time and effort spent on tasks that can easily be done by the right tools. As a result, your operation can become more productive, efficient and effective, which can economically impact your business. With such great outcomes, you might want to look into automating some aspects of your operations. Here are some tools you can check out:

5 Automation Tools Every Business Owner Should Try

• Google Cloud
Any individual likely uses Google services, especially those who use Android devices. With Google being a widely used service in many aspects of running a business, why not consolidate your systems into one cloud computing system?

By migrating your workload into Google Cloud, you can take advantage of the various solutions it offers such as data management and high-performance computing. It also lets you automate repeatable tasks.

Whether you are a social media manager or a lead generation specialist, you are likely to handle a variety of accounts that could create new leads. Because of this, you probably constantly switch between various platforms. This can be difficult and overwhelming, especially if you need to keep track of countless accounts to keep the chain running.

Zapier lets you integrate various web apps and create workflows to pass information from one app to another. Successfully integrating and establishing a chain of tasks means that you only need to check and update the flow from time to time, making the process more efficient.

Setting up an appointment or finding the right schedule for a meeting can be challenging especially as you have to consider the availability of the participants. To make the process less taxing, you can use automation tools such as Calendly. This lets team scheduling go more smoothly by setting up preferences and sharing the link to those involved. Once they choose a schedule, the event will be automatically added to your calendar.

It allows you to set up one-on-one and team meetings. The best thing about this is that it can be integrated with other apps such as Zapier, GoToMeeting and other similar tools.

Being a business owner, you are expected to write letters and emails. While a few grammatical mistakes can be acceptable, you want to present yourself in the best way possible, especially to prospective partners and clients. As you will be sending confidential emails, it is not ideal to pass on any piece of writing to editors.

The best solution? Use an automated grammar checker such as Grammarly. Even the free version can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to minimizing mistakes and misuse of punctuation marks.

• Tallyfy
Another difficult task in running a business is delegating responsibilities. If you have a team of professionals, you need to make sure that you assign tasks equitably and effectively. Tallyfy lets you automate the designation of repeatable tasks. Moreover, it provides analytics and insights, allowing you to examine the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.

When done right, automation can be a great development for your business. Check out these tools and see how it can improve not only your business but also you and your team’s lives.


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