Old Marketing Methods Dont Work Heres Why scaled

Old Marketing Methods Don’t Work – Here’s Why…

Still exploring offline marketing? Do you still see online marketing as complex and unnecessary?

If so, we think you should reconsider it.

Old marketing alone doesn’t suffice. In fact, offline marketing is ineffective for most startups today!


That’s what we’ll explore below. We’ll compare online to offline marketing. Also, we’ll outline what you gain by switching to the internet!

First – The Internet is Cheaper.

If you want to reach thousands offline, you need to try expensive methods.

You’ll need to advertise yourself on large publications, such as magazines and newspapers. Or, you’ll need billboard space.

Even worse, you might need TV to get your business out – which is way too expensive.

The Previous Method Uses Space.

Yet, the internet doesn’t.

Online space is almost unlimited, making it much cheaper than offline marketing!

You can reach millions of people on a reasonable budget. All you need is to “target” correctly, and few dollars will go a long way!

Speaking of targeting…

Second – Offline Targeting is Difficult.

With the internet, you can distribute ads based on customer demographics.

For example, a platform like FB lets you distribute ads based on sex, age, job and education, and much more!

Google’s ads let you target by location.

You can localize your marketing through Google My Business (link), where you give the search engine your full address details!

You can’t do the previous offline.

The only way to target offline is by making polls for your customers to answer. That’s assuming they answer them…

You see, most customers are too lazy to answer surveys. They simply want to consume a product with the necessary specs.

You’ll need a large business for customers to answer you. And getting there takes time.


Online marketing makes you efficient. Every dime you spend has a greater likelihood of getting you a client.

That can’t be said for offline marketing. It’s slow, and it’s too time intensive.


That’ll be our next point…

Third – Offline Marketing is Exhausting.

There’s more to offline marketing than handing out banners.

If you’re developing a product, you need to attend exhibition shows. And if you aren’t, then you need to hustle for clients.

Then there’s branding to consider…

You need to grow your reputation. So you’re always an active salesperson wherever you go. And that gets exhausting after a while!

The Internet is Easier.

You do everything from a laptop. It saves you time and energy, letting you focus on other aspects of your business.

And if you want faster results, then get a digital marketer. They’ll optimize your business for multiple clients in record time.

So Old Marketing is Bad?

Not at all! It can be effective, but as a supplement for online marketing.

The internet is where your marketing efforts should be. Even if you’re a small (and local) business, that’s where your customers are at.

They’ll try to find you by Google queries. And they’ll look for you using online maps.

So it’s best if you seek them there, lest you lose them to competition!

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