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Is it Possible to Earn Money from YouTube?

Yes, but there are a few quirks.

Profiting from YouTube today isn’t easy. There are strict requirements on what it takes to enter Google’s ad program.

Plus, the Google’s program doesn’t pay as well as you’d like. So you’ll need to explore more revenue options.

But, you can still earn from YouTube. We’ll show you how, while giving you a set of realistic expectations!

First – the 2017 Policy Change.

In 2017, Google decided to raise the bar for channels needed to profit.

Back then, you needed 10,000 lifetime watches before applying. And that was easy enough to get (through 10-20 videos).

But the bigger changes came soon afterwards. YouTube raised the bar ever further.

In the span of a single year, you needed…

  • 4000 watch time hours.
  • 1000 subscribers minimum.

And you needed both within the span of a single year to qualify.

Also, you had to fit both requirements through each passing year – just to fit into Google’s ad revenue program!

How Much Does Google Pay?

Google takes a massive cut out of your ad revenues. At least ½ go to Google. That is assuming you were getting paid well in the first place!

And you get paid well by Google AdSense if you’re making videos in a first world country.

That averages at $4 to $5 per 1000 views. And that’s after counting Google’s cut.

Theoretical Goal: $2000.

Consider that a good income base for a YouTube small business.

If you want $2000 per month, you’ll need 400,000 views per month.

Basically, you need to be a large channel to make that kind of money with YouTube!

And guess what? Channels with that many views tend to produce a few videos per month (maybe 3-5)?

Thus, you’re aiming at 100,000 views per video, which is something you’ll reach after many years of YouTube content!

So It Isn’t Worth It?

Absolutely not!

Google AdSense is the “bottom of the barrel” in terms of ad income. You can leverage YouTube for much better income sources.

For example…

You Can Do Affiliate Marketing.

You can network with popular bloggers. Have them give you their links, and market those products for them.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll get a cut for each sale. Plus, the products you market are content for your YouTube channels!

You can review those products. You can use them as tools in whatever activity you’re videotaping!

Try Finding Sponsors.

If you get really popular, then some major companies might seek you to market their products.

You’ll often find major You-Tubers discussing their sponsors at the start of their videos. They’ll shout-out their services, discuss what they offer, while mentioning their pros!

Plus, you get paid really well per sponsorship. You can get paid 1000s of dollars for a 1-2 minute section!

The Options.

Look at it this way. Whatever applies to blogging income applies to YouTube. The only difference is in content type.

Affiliate marketing, sponsorship, (and if possible), making your own products are where it’s at.

Just think of YouTube as a platform for product marketing – and you’ll make good money from it!

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