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How to succeed with Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an extremely cost effective way to market your brand, products or services and is a great way to collect leads and followers organically. Email marketing is a great way for small businesses to begin growing and start building that customer database. However, it is extremely important to find the best platform for your email marketing and here are three platforms worth considering.


MailChimp is still the most popular platform for emarketing, especially because it offers a free plan for smaller businesses and even it’s paid plan is highly affordable. Mailchimp’s free plan allows for up to 2000 subscribers per month and you can send up to 12,000 emails. As your business grows you can switch over to one of the paid plans and get a lot more features that will help to begin building a lifetime access to your customer database.

The pros of using MailChimp are that you can include check boxes in your emails with ease and there is a step by step wizard type workflow and interface.

However, there are also some cons when using MailChimp includes that you have to join the paid plan to get any auto-responders, and setting up a paid plan is not an instant process. In addition you need to reload the browser to see any updated information.

While we wouldn’t recommend MailChimp for larger businesses or corporations it is a great email marketing platform for small businesses and those just starting out.


ConvertKit is a fairly new platform built around a tag-based system, which is the most efficient way to manage subscribers. Using this platform you can apply tags on subscribers based on their actions. You can use WordPress to track visitors on your site through the simple automation manager.

ConvertKit offers both a rule builder and varied workflow builder similar to the one used by ActiveCampaign. Both builders are easy to use, however the rules builder can become confusing when working with long email lists. The workflow builder is very streamlined and fast.

You can create forms with ConvertKit but customizing options for these forms are limited. There is also only 5 email templates and the fonts on all of the templates look the same.

ConvertKit has a great support systems including live chat during business hours. ConvertKit is best suited to budget bloggers and small beginner email marketers.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is ideal for first time email marketers since it pre-loaded with lots of built-in templates and it is extremely easy to import your contacts from major email providers . The easy to use editor makes it possible for even beginners to sen customized campaigns.

The pros of Constant Contact is that comes with a 60 day free trail and once the free trial is over the monthly fee to use this platform is quite expensive.

The cons of this platform is that can be glitches and delays in loading and you are only allow 5 files in your default storage.

If you are planning on doing all your email marketing yourself then this is the program we would recommend due to the templates and it’s overall simplicity.

If you want your emarketing to be a real success you may be better off to hire an email marketing service since these services have the ability to:

  • Understand how email marketing truly works to help collect those leads and followers organically.
  • They can access the latest email strategies that work the best for your business so you won’t waste a lot of money on trial and error
  • Not only won’t their be any training costs when hire a professional email marketer, they can also help you to manage your email marketing costs.

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