Got a Local Business Here are 5 Ways to Market It

Got a Local Business? Here are 5 Ways to Market It!

The world of marketing is complex.

There are so many channels to advertise your business. And picking what’s effective for your goals is a bit hard.

But no worries. Below, we’ll explore local marketing, and the 5 best strategies to approach it.

You can apply those yourself. Or, you can apply them with a digital marketer’s help!

#1 – Register Yourself on Google.

Google My Business is a must.

This service lets you register your business, its licensing, address, and niche in Google’s search archives…

From there, you’ll show up in search results for your area. Specifically, you’ll show up on Google Maps when someone looks for your products!

It’s one of the best local marketing methods. After all, many customers will try to navigate your location by map.

#2 – Design a Local Page.

This’ll be a page on your website where you’ll discuss your business.

That page will describe where you are, what you offer – and what’s amazing about the location of your business.

It’s an “About Us” page – with a little marketing for your town/city!

Important Note.

This page must be optimized with local keywords as much as possible.

Specifically, you’ll need to specify your address a few times. You should also mention important landmarks around you by name!

Just make sure you don’t stuff too many keywords. After all, you want your page to still be readable!

#3 – Hand Out Flyers.

Now we get to the offline aspects of local marketing.

Not all offline marketing is bad. Some of it is effective, and handing out banners/flyers is on that list.

Some Ideas.

You can hand out catalogs of the services you offer.

If you run a restaurant/café, then hand out menus of your best items (plus their price tags).

Try to design your flyers and banners to look good while being competitive. That is, put good prices on them.

Because that might be your selling point. And putting that on a flyer will surely attract attention.

Distribution Strategy.

Target your market.

If you serve private customers, then hand out your flyer at doorsteps. If you serve businesses, then mail them your banners.

Just don’t forget to put your contact info on them (phone and web address). Because you want prospects to reach you with ease!

#4 – Host a Local Event.

It’s an expensive option, but if you have the budget, then it’s worth a shot.

Host a gathering that’s related to your industry. Sponsor that gathering, and use it as a chance to brand yourself.

That gathering can be a party. It can be an exhibition show. Or, it can even be a friendly (and recorded) series of competitions!

It’ll especially serve your business if what you offer is recreation-related. It’ll mark your presence to others in record time!

Final Note.

Local marketing isn’t difficult. But it does have a key requirement – this being accurate targeting.

You shouldn’t strive for more traffic. Instead, try to judge effectiveness by conversion rates. And that shows that your ad budget is going to the right market!

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