If you are not technologically inclined building a website in one day can seem like an impossibility. However, there are two website platforms that make building a website in one day not only possible, but easier than you might think. These two website building platforms are Wix and Weebly, but just which platform is best for you and the website you want to build.

For starters Wix is a website builder best suited for smaller websites for small businesses and bloggers, while Weebly is best for bloggers and small online stores.

Ease Of Use

Building a website with Wix is really easy to use. It allows for simple website creation an offers a lot of flexibility for design customization. Weebly is also easy to use when building a website even if you have no experience in building a website. Weebly is less flashy than Wix but when it comes to ease of use the two platforms are equal.


While Wix offers slightly better features than Weebly the difference is actually quite small and for most people the difference in the features won’t hamper your ability to build a good website quickly.

In some cases Wix may actually have so many features that newbies to web building may get a little bit confused at first.


Wix offers hundreds of different design choices while Weebly offers about 55. However, the sheer amount of design choices on Wix may force you to spend time going through the different designs simply to pick the best one out the hundreds of different choices. The more restrictive number of design choices offered by Weebly may actually make choosing a design faster and easier. So when it comes to which platform offers the best design this is also a draw,

Customer Support

Both Wix and Weebly provide good customer support Wix has tons of videos that customers can watch that walk them through building their website. You can also fill out a support ticket if you feel you need individual help. Surprisingly Wix support people answer these tickets quite quickly so you are not left waiting for a response.

Weebly on the other hand offer both a support center and inspiration center. In addition you make use of the free phone support and live chat for more individualized help. They also offer email support although their email responses take longer than does the response you get from the Wix support team.


Both Wix and Weebly offer a free plan, however the free plan by Wix features a large Ad that can be annoying while the ad on Weebly is located at the bottom of the page and is far less noticeable. In addition for an $8.00 fee you can remove the ad from your Weebly site.

Of course Wix offers their highest paid plan for less than $25.00 while Weebly’s highest priced plan is almost double that. On the other hand Weebly offers 4 price ranges and they are easy to understand while Wix only offers a couple of price plans to choose from.

While this brief comparison gives you the basics of both these website building platforms it is advisable that you read several reviews for both platforms before making your final choice.


BEGINNER (You know absolute nothing about coding and website, and love simplicity) – use WEEBLY

INTERMEDIATE (You are somewhat tech-savvy, and love modern themes) – use WIX

ADVANCE (You ARE tech-savvy, and don’t mind the learning curve) – use WORDPRESS