More and more people are turning to starting their own online business to either supplement the income they are all ready making or to become their full time career. However, many people who want to start an online aren’t sure which is the best online business to start. Here is a look at three highly recommended online business and whether or not you are likely to experience financial success with these businesses.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easy and inexpensive business to start and if you put in the time and the effort it is a business can lead to financial success. All you need to is come up with a niche of products that you feel strongly enough that you can talk about the products passionately. Then you sign up with one or more companies to be an affiliate marketer for the company.

You then set up a website that focuses on the niche you have chosen, research low competition keywords and create content using those keywords trying to rank on the first page of Google searches.

When people do a keyword search using one of your keywords you site pops and the person performing the search then visits your sites, and if they like your content and are interested in the product they will click on a referral link you have embedded on website. Should the customer then buy a product using your referral you get paid for a commission on the sale. The more products you refer the higher your income. While it does take some time to build up a good income, costs of starting your affiliate marketing business is low and the time and effort you invest can be well worth it once you build up your website and start those sales rolling. There are a number of companies that use affiliate marketers to increase sales including Amazon, and Walmart.

There are also many programs out there such as ClickBank, CJ, Max Bounty, etc. But most people start with ClickBank because it is the easiest to start, almost anyone who signed up get approved. Other sites such as CJ and Max Bounty are more tough to get in, they usually require a long time credential website with high traffic for approvals.

If you are somewhat tech-savvy you should be OK with ClickBank. For beginners who want to learn first before jumping in, they should take this course here to understand it first.

Bottom line: If you enjoy sharing awesome products or services to earn commission, this business model is for you.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA allows you to set up your own online store and sell them online while Amazon takes care of the advertising, packing and shipping of your products and even handles returns. You will have to invest some good money since you have to purchase the products you sell, have them manufactured and maintain your inventory.

What you need to do is to come up with a product that you feel will sell well online and then do some in depth market research on the product finding out how popular it would be, the price the product will sell for and your profit margin.

Then you need to find a company to actually manufacture the product for you and have the product made and shipped to the Amazon fulfillment center.

You then create a listing for your product and when the products go live you sit back and wait to make sales.

Amazon will then sell the product for you and after taking their cut you will get sent the income from the product.

Setting up your Amazon FBA is not that simple, but it is the basic steps you will need to take. If you have a successful product then you can make good money from running your own Amazon based store.

Bottom line: If enjoy selling products with lots of potential, this business model is for you.

Becoming A Nu Skin Business Owner


There is a lot of hype about making a career out of becoming a Nu Skin business owner and there have even been some references to the big money you can make when selling these anti-aging products. However, you need to know that Nu Skin is a Multiple Level Marketing company and these types of companies are difficult to make a business from. Making a good income from Nu Skin may be even more difficult due the fact that products are prices way out of most people’s budgets so you aren’t likely to actually get a lot of sales. You best bet for making income from this company is to sign up a bunch of people under you and hope they make good sales and sign up even more people that you will cut from their sales.

Most people don’t make any money when working for MLM companies and Nu Skin is no different. That being said, those who actually worked on this made at least $1,000-10,000/month. With any business you will need to put in the work to thrive. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to try this out, it is FREE to sign up as their independent contractor and just start promoting. Our suggestion is try there products yourself and see if you like them first. Nu Skin products are quality and high end after all, the company is on the Forbes Top 50 list in 2019, with at least 75+ scientists working at the headquarter.

Bottom line: If you have a large personal network and love to socialize on Facebook, Instagram etc, this business model is for you.