Are You a Student Here Are 4 Ways to Make Money Online

Are You a Student? Here Are 4 Ways to Make Money Online!

As a student, you need a way to balance work with studying.

Work is necessary to help you pay school fees. Plus, you might be living far from home, where you’re in need of cash!

And this is where online work comes in…

When you work online, you work from home. You take on commitments that you can schedule and finish at your own pace.

And that’s what we’ll explore below. We’ll discuss the 4 ways students can make money online!

#1 – Become a Virtual Assistant.

Basically, a virtual assistant is a remote secretary.

You take on computer jobs that can be done from home. And they’re basic-level tasks that involve Microsoft suite use.

What That Includes…

Much of it is excel work. Some of it includes typing and sorting information, in addition to doing some online research.

If you can do the previous, then you can usually find a job. And most freelancing networks offer a market for those skills.

Plus, you don’t need time to learn virtual assistant skills. You’ll need a few weeks of training, and most can be done with a quick course!

#2 – Work With a Freelancing Team.

Virtual assistance is a form of freelancing. But sometimes, you need the help of someone more established to get rolling.

This is where working with a team comes in.

Find someone that’s working online, and is willing to outsource some of their work to you.

They’ll welcome you, especially if you show a good level of skill!


Let’s say you have excellent proofreading skills.

You can find teams online that specialize in writing e-books. You can then offer to proofread the content before delivery!

#3 – Search Local Listings for Contracting Work.

If you have extra time to spare, you can choose to work offline. And you can do that by researching online!

Find websites like Craigslist, and narrow down your search by location. Look within the limits of your city/town.

Find jobs that are (preferably) low-skill, and part-time.

And if you can, make sure they’re not contractual and hourly based. That is, look for work where you get paid “per customer.”


How about a job like landscaping?

You get paid per job, instead of receiving a monthly paycheck. You also work day-by-day, so you have more flexibility!

Contrast that to working as a waiter. Your job hours are long, and the job itself is high-stress!

#4 – Start a Blog.

We’ll list this as our last option, since it’s the most effort intensive.

Starting a blog isn’t something you do overnight. It takes time, and it’ll take you months (and up to years) to see success.

That is assuming you know what you’re doing.

But it is a long-term investment. And it’ll help you provide funds for yourself during your student years, and many years afterwards!


Make sure you blog in a field of interest.

You can’t create content if you don’t know what you’re talking about. So pick a niche that’s related to your hobbies or career path!

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